Opening Presents

I am a terrible gift receiver. I love giving gifts. I hover around the person, waiting for that moment when they see what's inside the wrapping, waiting to see the smile that tells me I picked out exactly what they never knew they desperately needed. You know what, I'm probably a pretty bad gift giver, too. That sounds incredibly annoying. Anyway, I'm a terrible person to give gifts to because I cannot hide emotion on my face. Just can't. If I don't like something, I'll try my hardest not to show it, but you'll know. Because of this, I try to remove all emotion from my face whenever I open any gift. So, even if I love it, I probably won't seem that excited. I'm the worst. Apparently, at my bridal shower, I didn't show a ton of emotion. They only knew what I was thinking because my face got a shade redder every time I opened a gift of lingerie.

But, on to the moment of my gift receiving disgrace.

The second time that I stayed at Spencer's parents' house, I was still pretty terrified of them. They're nice people, but I know that they didn't like me for a long time before they met me (the whole breaking up with him and then getting back together thing didn't go over so well with them). We went up to their house for Spencer's birthday and because my birthday is about a week before his, they surprised me with a birthday present.

When I opened, the box, I was slightly confused, because I unwrapped a box of these:

For some reason, I couldn't decide if that was actually what the gift was or if there was something inside the box. I really liked the small dessert cups and matching adorably tiny spoons, but I wasn't sure if that was what the gift actually was. My fears were that:

A. I would open the box to look inside and it would be the dessert cups. They would think I was a maniac.

B. I would say "Thank you" and then they would laugh and laugh because I didn't look for what was really in the box.

Neither of these seemed like desirable options to me, and as we all know, when I panic, I do nothing. So, I sat and stared stupidly at the box for a while.

"I'm sorry if you don't like it. I have the receipt; you can exchange it. I just figured, since you love cooking so much..." My poor future mother-in-law said.

I felt so awful! I really did like them, I had just had no idea what to do and probably made a scrunched up thinking face that looked like a scrunched up disgusted face and offended everyone in sight.

So, when we got back to Provo, I immediately made peanut butter mousse and chocolate ganache to put into the cute little cups (that I love, gosh dang it!). I had Spencer take about a million pictures of Elaine and I enjoying our desserts that he was supposed to send to his mother to prove that I was enjoying her gift. I found out about a month ago that he never did.

Here are some of the pictures. Maybe she'll stumble upon them some day.


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